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The Future (2011)

12 Nov

I finally found the time to watch Miranda July’s newest film, The Future. You may have seen in a previous post that I am quite a fan of hers, whether it’s her book writing or screen writing. I love her over-the-top awkward, quirky, emo, indie, hipster ways. Though in my image search for things to include in this post, I found that there are a lot of people who cannot stand MJ and her unconventional ways. I even had to wait for my boyfriend to be out of town to watch the movie, because I am allergic to haterade.

In this movie, married couple Sophie and Jason are about to adopt a cat. They have one monthbefore they can bring it home. This sudden deadline of responsibility falling upon these two thirty-somethings shakes them into living this month as if it were their last. They quit their shitty and unfulfilling jobs, and set out to explore new and exciting territory. Jason becomes metaphysical, taking everything as a sign from the universe that he’s on the right new path for him. Sophie loses faith in herself and her ability to act upon her new goals as a recently liberated and unemployed dancer. They both develop secret habits and secret lives, which serves to drive them further apart than when they were stuck in their mono


tonous daily rut. Their story intertwines with the narration of Paw-Paw, their rescue cat. This is an element that might be hard to take by those who have a weak stomach for July’s quirk. I flinched at some points of this odd narration, especially in the choice to open the movie with it. In the end, Paw-Paw’s monologues were the most heartfelt parts for me.

I approached this movie with my thoughts on Me and You and Everyone We Know. I expected a subtly humorous account of real life trials and tribulations through that uncomfortably intimate lens that July uses in her work. I expected a chronological narrative  bringing together a myriad of characters, and I expected to take the events of the film at face value. The Future is not that kind of film. It starts off realistic, but as it goes on, you have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality, the real from the imagined, and the literal from the metaphorical. It stirs up your consciousness a little bit, and I like that. It’s a thinking wo/man’s movie, not to be watched distractedly out of the right eye. It requires a certain amount of engagement, and I liked that. All of the necessary themes are here: relationships and fidelity, life and death, time and space, “mid-life” crises and our attempts to find happiness and fulfillment.

Grade: B+
I liked it better after it was over and I had time to reflect upon it. It’s a movie I would prefer to watch alone.

I leave you with July’s “Shirt Dance.” Love the song: Master of None by Beach House. Toro y Moi does a bitchin’ cover of the song as well. Doesn’t get much more emo/hipster/indie than that!

Silencio. (Ponderings on David Lynch)

13 Apr

That is the final word of David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. No hay banda. No hay orquesta. Silencio.

I sure love Agent Dale Cooper. Watch out for Mr. Lynch in this clip as well (at 00:36).

I will conclude with a list of some of my favorite films from my collection. A second installment will follow in a later entry. They are not listed in any particular order because their preference is so fluid in my mind. Please do check them out some day. Most of them are available at (insert university/academic institution here)’s library video collection. Expect a review of Antichrist by Lars von Trier in the near future. And if you have seen it, explain that shit to me! Is it intentionally misogynistic? Does the changed ending cheapen the meaning behind the original concept? So many questions! And if you have not seen it, you probably shouldn’t, haha.

1. Adaptationdir. Spike Jonze– The only Nicholas Cage portrayal I enjoy. Meryl Streep does drugs with a toothless Chris Cooper. All around lovely and witty. Favorite line: Chris Cooper (to Meryl Streep) You’re shinier than any ant, darlin’.

2. Amores Perrosdir. Alejandro Gonzales Iñarritu. I love the whole multiple stories coming together thing. Soundtrack is awesome.

3. Blue Velvetdir. David Lynch. Kyle McLaughlin is clownin’, but Laura Dern still loves him anyway. Isabella Rossalini is nuts, unlike her current Green Porno project with the Sundance Channel, which is totally sane.

4. Buffalo 66dir. Vincent Gallo. I don’t know what to think of Vincent Gallo, or his gigolo ways. But I love this film so much. Angelica Huston is an awesomely selfish Buffalo Bills fan, and Christina Ricci is appropriately plump. If made to pick a favorite NFL team, it would be the Buffalo Bills strictly because of this film.

5. Clockwork Orangedir. Stanley Kubrick. It is disturbing, yet funny. It has a message and its own language, my little droogies.

6. Dancer in the Darkdir. Lars von Trier. It is heart-wrenching. Maybe moreso becaus the main character is Bjork. I was her character, Selma, from this film last year for Halloween. I can’t say much more about it. There are musical numbers, but that’s ok. 🙂

7. Gummodir./writ. Harmony Korrine. Because I openly love this movie, people seem to want to suggest horrific, disturbing movies to me. Many can’t stomach this film. It has been, and may always be, one of my favorite films of all time. Key words: Xenia, OH; culture of poverty, black gay Jewish little person; downs syndrome prostitution.

8. The Royal Tenenbaums dir. Wes Anderson. I still haven’t seen Mr. Anderson’s new film, Fantastic Mr. Fox, but as a general rule all of his films are winners. This one is my favorite because it was my first one of his. I love Royal Tenebaum’s “adopted daughter Margot,” another Halloween costume inspiration. I love dry humor. All around fantastic.

9. Happiness- dir. Todd Solondz. Another film that is hard to stomach. It deals with pedophilia and obsession. Phillip Seymour Hoffman at his mouth-breathingest. Last line of the movie (from the mouth of a child) “I came.”

10. Me and You and Everyone We Knowdir./writ. Miranda July. I want to meet Miranda July. Judging from her writing I think she is probably like her character in this movie. The characters are all lovable, even the guy who writes and posts sex notes to high school girls in his apartment window. I love that Cody Chestnutt is referenced. This is a great movie. You want to see it. Back and Forth, forever.