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Is Trophy Wife Destined to Be Better than its Name Implies?

2 Oct

When I heard that one of my favorite funny women, Sarah Haskins, was about to start a new sitcom series on ABC, I jumped for joy. Sarah Haskins was one of the many pleasures that came from watching infoMania on the sadly now-defunct CurrentTV. When infoMania would feature her segment, Target Women, it was going to be a good week for me. She picked up on the, “Why do women love yogurt so much?” hypothesis wayyy before it had reached mainstream consciousness:

I see Sarah Haskins as a feminist, a woman who sees the ways gender and sexuality manipulate, and are manipulated by society. But say what now? Her new show is called Trophy Wife? Hmmm…my applause meter dipped, just slightly, until I listened to Neda Ulaby’s NPR interview on NPR with Ms. Haskins about her personal inspiration for the series. As it turns out, Sarah Haskins is a trophy wife, too! But not in the conventional sense, I suppose. This interview piqued my interest once again.

By name, this series seems like another dumb reality show. Unfortunately, this will detract from an intelligent audience that I think a Haskins project is capable of pulling. However, it might capture more idiots, and maybe they’ll like it just the same. It is nice to see that this series (so far) is not really what it appears on the surface level due to this name. If you listen to the interview, you’ll learn a little more about it, but in a nut shell, this show is about how when you marry a divorcé, you marry his ex-wife -or in this case, ex-wives- too. So far in the series, the husband, Pete, is the least interesting character of the bunch, which begs the question: Why did all these women marry him in the first place? Kate, the trophy wife, is a close second in the not-as-interesting race.

So far, I’m still on the fence about this new series. But I will continue to watch, because sometimes these things take time. So far it appears to be a little less edgy than Target Women was, but I can always supplement this more family-friendly show with the Target Women clips on Youtube. Either way, I want Trophy Wife to be a success, if only because I want to support Sarah Haskins. I’m going to keep watching.

The first two episodes are available to watch streaming on Hulu or the ABC website. See the Trophy Wife Pilot here

By: Melissa Myers