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God Bless America (2011)

29 Aug

Your Netflix robot has been prodding you to watch it, so you might as well go ahead and do it. Written and directed by…Wait…Did I read this right? Bobcat Goldthwait? Well, apparently he has a bone to pick with Hollywood and modern day USA (not to be confused with 1990’s USA, an epoch in which he thrived in all its cheesy glory).

This is a film about two middle class misfits turned renegade killers who have had enough with the America that they have been fed and are ready to bring down some mofucs for their own enjoyment. And now to introduce our diabolical duo: Frank is a middle aged divorcee who has just lost his job and his mind, Roxy is a teenage girl who is pretty much just sick of monotony and being told what to do. She joins Frank after catching him doin some gangsta shit. I am still reeeeeaching for her motivation for joining him on his homicidal rampage, but maybe she just cray. Had I seen this movie in high school, I would have definitely looked up to her, however. I would have certainly named my ideal badass female antihero Roxy, that’s a given.

Take Harold and Maude and reverse it, blend with a little Natural Born Killers and sprinkle in a little Taxi Driver or Falling Down (you know, some anti-hero shit), and you will have a pretty good idea of the aim and feeling of God Bless America. In theory, I am all for the movie and the message, but in practice, it may have fallen just slightly short of the mark.

Frank and Roxy start offing idiots for reasons we can all relate to, (I mean seriously, who picks up their phone in the middle of a movie at the theatre?! Although it’s probably too soon to be making light of movie theatre shootings, eh?), but at the same time, they get a little preachy and even start knocking on some things that I can actually relate to (who doesn’t like a good high five every now and again?). 

After writing this review, I believe Frank and Roxy might want to pump me full of lead for using too many unnecessary parentheses. But then again, I think I am decent and polite enough to avoid their rage, and cheer them on as they shoot up a television audience.

I would see God Bless America again, and I might even consider buying it. I give it a B+. I like its ability to bash on modern media and society for doing things for the sake of being edgy and shocking, and at the same time falling into that same trap (shooting babies into bloody oblivion for crying too much?) I can relate to Frank and Roxy’s complaints for the most part, and don’t mind watching fictional characters go on a murderous rampage as a result. However, when the bells and whistles of modern media drill into your brain like an electric spike, the last thing you need is something to remind you of it.