Battle in Heaven (Batalla en el cielo) (2005)

15 May

Marcos is a quiet, obese and somewhat bumbling chauffeur for a Mexican general and his daughter, Ana. Ana is a rebellious dready rich girl who works as a prostitute just for the fun of it. Marcos has an unhealthy attraction for Ana, and does anything and everything for her. Because of his feelings for Ana, he eventually admits his dark secret to her: not only have he and his wife kidnapped a child, but it has also died in the process. The motives behind the kidnapping and the reason of death is not clear. But what becomes increasingly clear throughout the movie is that Marcos is losing his mind.

At 98 minutes, I thought the movie flew by a little too quickly. Although because the dialogue was relatively sparse, if it was made longer, perhaps not a lot of new information would have been presented. There is a lot of nudity, so if that’s a problem for you you best steer clear. Most of it is full-frontal Marcos standing awkwardly and naked. A lot of it felt gratuitous, but maybe there was a deeper meaning behind all of it that was lost on me.

Being as short as the movie was, I didn’t feel a connection with the characters, and didn’t care too much what became of them. Although the dramatic occurrences and weird sex things caught my attention and kept my interest, everything felt forced to me. I often lose myself in films. I cry easily at the misfortunes that befall characters, I sympathize with them when under normal real-life circumstances I would not, and I try to immerse myself in the film. With Batalla en el cielo, however, I was perpetually aware of the fact that I was watching a movie, that I was watching actors act in a deadpan manner. I hate to grade this movie because I think that maybe I missed something, yet I don’t really wish to watch it again. Not yet at least.

Take it or leave it, folks. If you have seen it, I would love to hear your opinion about it.


One Response to “Battle in Heaven (Batalla en el cielo) (2005)”

  1. Paul March 18, 2012 at 2:19 am #

    I have a theory about the ending. Marcos murders Ana, and then dies at the end, perhaps as a suicide, or from his injuries and exertion during his pilgrimage. The theory is this: he expects to die soon, and kills Ana in order to meet her again in heaven. This would explain his much younger appearance in the very last scene, and explains Ana reciprocating his declaration of love for her, as though they are in another world from the one in the rest of the film.

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