Black Dynamite (2009)

18 Feb

I will let you know right away, you must see Black Dynamite. Do your soul a favor and treat yourself to some side-splitting laughter with this blacksploitation comedy. At least, once the natural February weather returns you can have an excuse to spend a little more time indoors, and I am telling you, you will not be disappointed.

Michael Jai White, who also wrote the screenplay, executes the title role fantastically. I can’t imagine how many takes they had to do for him to be able to deliver such hilarious lines with a straight face. Here is a little taste:

Black Dynamite reminds me a bit of Machete, but even better. (Wow, did I just write that?) It is over-the-top, it isn’t a film to be taken seriously. Speaking of taking it seriously, though, I feel that it is almost convincingly a blacksploitation film from the ’70s. From the old school way that it was shot to the fact that there aren’t a ton of well-known actors in it, I think that someone could possibly be fooled into thinking it is a genuine article from 40 years ago. There are some well-known actors sprinkled in there, though, like Nicole Sullivan (MADtv) and Cedric Yarbrough (Reno 911).

This movie had me cracking up over and over again, pretty much through the entire movie. So much so, that when I saw it again, a couple of days later, I ended up catching more hilarity that I had missed during my first viewing because I was laughing too hard. And I would watch it again today. I will probably see it again soon just because if someone I know hasn’t seen it, I will force them to watch it, and I will watch it with them. It is only February, but nonetheless this is my favorite movie I have yet seen this year.

This is probably my favorite part:

I have already made it clear, I will see it again, most definitely. I will buy it in the near future, and I will be quoting the genius one-liners for years to come. The more people I can get to watch it, the better. A+ for sure!


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