Skins (First Generation)

11 Feb

My new guilty pleasure is a British TV series called Skins. As I read an acquaintance describe it, its a modern-day, even sexier My So Called Life. It’s dramatic and saucy and sexy and young and I am going to come out of the Skins closet to say that I secretly (though not any longer secret) love it.

This series plays through the lives of a group of young friends in Bristol, England. Tony, Michelle, Cassie, Sid, Jal, Chris, Maxxie and Anwar. Although their lives are always intertwining, and the crew is a tight-knit group of friends, each episode is essentially a vignette which focuses on a certain situation and a specific character. These kids fall into comas, get knocked up, lose cars in large bodies of water, go to Russia, and more, there are love triangles and sex scandals, drug overdoses and eating disorders. A couple of episodes even glimpse into Osama! a school musical parody based on 9/11. It is just hour after hour of dramatic craziness through adorable British accents. All of the antics are usually followed by a pretty bitchin’ soundtrack as well (LCD Soundsystem, Chemical Brothers, Beck, Bjork, Kid Koala, Grizzly Bear, Amon Tobin, Sigur Ros, Cat Power, Battles, etc. etc. etc.).

After some research, I have discovered that the series changes its cast completely after two seasons. I have only seen the first “generation,” and I feel a bit resistant to the idea of an entirely new cast to get invested in. I am a bit intrigued, however, after discovering that Effy, Tony’s little sister (on the right here in B & W), is one of the main characters in the new generation. Kind of love her, so I might have to check it out after all.

At least give the first generation a try. It gets pretty cheesy at times, but doesn’t everything? Plus it is great to watch installments of this show on Netflix when you don’t have time to sit through a whole movie (though I usually got so sucked in to the story that I would watch an hour an a half at a time anyway).

Favorite line: I bet she bangs like a fairy on acid.


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