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19 Mar

I have had a really bad past couple of days. Maybe you have felt the same way lately. Maybe this will cheer you up like it did for me, if you have the same nostaglia for Beetlejuice and love for Catherine O’Hara as I do.

That is all.

Alice in Wonderland- A minute Review

7 Mar

I submitted this clip for consideration for the Current TV show, Rotten Tomatoes.

Here is a clip from Jan Svankmajer’s version:

In addition to this short video, I have plenty to say about the movie. I wanted it to be incredible since I am such a fan of Alice in Wonderland. Unfortunately, I’m more of a fan of American McGee’s video game version of Alice in Wonderland that Tim Burton’s highly anticipated film. I wanted it to be darker and more sinister. Although the insanity angle is played more thoroughly in Tim Burton’s new movie than Dinsey’s cartoon version, I still could have used more insanity. The acting was so exaggerated it drove me crazy. Anne Hathaway’s character, the White Queen, is always talking in the delicate whisper of a Disney princess, and always waving her hands back and forth whimsically. It was distracting to the point that I was hyper-aware of Hathaway’s presence as an actress, and I didn’t lose myself in the fantasy of Underland or any of its characters. Helena Bonham Carter (as the Red Queen) was by far the most enchanting part of the film, and I was relieved for her contribution whenever she came into a scene.

My disappointment may have partially come from the fact that I was in the fourth row at an IMAX theater, and my eyes and brain were fried after the 2 hour 3-D joyride. But I had been looking forward to this movie for a long time, and was heartbroken to be let down by Mr. Burton’s rendition.